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Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible, JAVA stands for Just another Virtual Accelerator. It is a computer-based programming language that is used as a platform in itself. JAVA is an object-oriented, network-centric programming language for programming any mobile apps as well as software.

Contents of Java:-
• Introduction to OOPS Concepts
• Class / Objects / Polymorphism
• Inheritance / Constructors / Function Overloading / Function Overriding
• Exception Handling / Multithreading / Applet
• Introduction to AWT / Input Output in Java
• Data types/ Primitive Dataypes/ Literals/ Operators/ Iteration statements(Loops)Jump Statements/ Methods – Importance/ Class Inheritance/ Abstract Class And Methods
• Interfaces, Packages and Access Control/ Graphics and many more….

Syllabus of Java:-
Class Fundamentals , Object & Object reference , Object Life time & Garbage Collection, Creating and Operating Objects , Constructor & initialization code block, Access Control, Modifiers, methods Nested , Inner Class &Anonymous Classes ,Abstract Class & Interfaces Defining Methods, Argument Passing Mechanism , Method

Java is a pure object-oriented programming language. The main reason is it supports primitive type values. For an object-oriented programming language, data should be represented in the form of objects