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3ds max

3Ds-max With V-ray Photoshop

About 3ds Max

3ds Max® professional 3D modeling, rendering and animation software enables you to create expansive worlds and premium designs. From light mixing to color correction, the built-in Arnold renderer provides a rich experience and handles your most complex characters, scenes and effects.

3ds Max is frequently used for character modeling Civil work Exterior Modeling And Interior Modeling as well as for rendering photorealistic images of structures and other objects.

  • Create and manipulate 3D data in 3ds Max. •
  • Import data from other 3D applications. •
  • Embellish scenes with the use of materials and maps.
  • Create adequate lighting for your environments.
  • Animate objects in the scene.
  • Render still pictures and animations to disk for later. 3D Modeling from 2D Objects • The Lathe Modifier • 2D Booleans • The Extrude Modifier
  • Boolean Operations • Using Snaps for Precision • the Sweep Modifier

The animation tools are also very advanced and allow me to create fluid and realistic movements for characters and objects. In addition, it can handle large file sizes and high resolutions, providing fast and efficient performance.

3ds Max Features |  Autodesk

  • Key features.
  • Features. 3D modeling. Texturing and shading.
  • 3d rendering. Animation and effects. Workflow and pipeline.
  • Advanced Rendering, V-ray Lighting, Camera, Sunlight, Plane light, Dome light etc.